Single Bed Raiser

The Multifit Single Bed Raiser fits most single beds that have legs, glides or castor wheels. The linked blocks of the single bed raiser increase stability and safety of the raised bed. They are also easier, safer & quicker for you to fit than standard bed blocks.The self bracing blocks are linked with a telescopic section that clamps solidly to the width you desire, providing a stable and safe system. Note if bed has 6 legs you will need 3 troughs ie 1.5 sets Easy to use. Expand the Raiser to suit the spacing on the legs of your bed. Place the Raiser under each pair of legs as pictured. Adjust so that the legs of the bed fit tightly within the foot pad of the raiser and using the wing nuts clamp the raiser in this position. Test for stability before use.


Item Code Price per unit
Single Bed Raiser (Set of 2) 50mm MF 2/2 – 50 $318.00  GST FREE
Single Bed Raiser (Set of 2) 75mm MF 2/2 – 75 $318.00  GST FREE
Single Bed Raiser (Set of 2) 100mm MF 2/2 – 100 $318.00  GST FREE


  • Blocks are linked with a strong telescopic section so they can be spaced at the width you desire then clamped and held safely in this position.
  • Splayed feet under each block increase stability & safety
  • Rubber pads 90 x 90 mm reduce bed leg movement.
  • A 20 mm high lip around each block keeps the legs in position.
  • Simply adjusts by hand means you wont need any tools.
  • Pre-finished surfaces make cleaning easy & hygienic
  • Tested sturdy design = reusable, durable & safe .


  • Max user weight 380kg
  • Length adjustment 815mm – 1100mm
  • Foot pad size with Non slip surface 90 mm x 90 mm
  • Lip around foot pad 20 mm high
  • Std heights available 50, 75 & 100mm
  • Construction
  • Furniture grade pine &Colour coated sheet metal
  • Finish Clear lacquer

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