Outdoor Stairlift

Many Australian homes are elevated with steps up to the front door. The Acorn Outdoor stairlift means that you can get out and about in comfort and safety with our specially designed weather-proofed and protected stairlift.

The Acorn Outdoor stairlifts works equally well on outdoor steps around the garden – ideal for that sloping block, giving you access to those outdoor spaces you once loved and have lately had limited access.

Our 130 Outdoor stairlift comes with all the features and options that can be found on our straight model, for extra protection it comes with a weather resistant outdoor cover.




  • Weatherproofed padded seat and backrest for a comfortable ride.
  • Effortless paddle switch even by those with hampered dexterity.
  • Inertia seatbelt system.
  • Folding arms, seat and footrest so the stair lift can be closed and covered efficiently.
  • Rotating seat aides the user with no swivel of the body.
  • Solution for your outdoor staircase.
  • Locking security mechanism.
  • Error display screen.
  • Five obstruction aware safety sensors prevent collision.
  • Supplied with two infrared remote controls.