Lazy Boy Chair Raiser

Which chair does this Raiser suit? The Multifit Lazy Boy Chair Raiser is only designed to fit a Lazy Boy type chair which has wooden runners that extend at the rear of the chair. Pictured on the left. For your safety it is important to get a Chair Raiser that best suits your chair. Easy to fit: Simply extend the raiser in width and length to suit the spacing on the base of your chair. Place the chair on top of the raiser and tighten the four clamping wing nuts on each side. Then place the 75 x 25 mm wooden spreader bar over the wooden runners at the rear of the chair and tighten down the two clamps. Test for safety and stability before use. This rasier adjusts by hand so you don’t need any tools for fitting. It is extremely robust construction so you know its going to last a life time. Cleaning is easy and hygienic with pre-finished hard wearing surfaces. Tested to BSN standards for strength and stability for added safety. Lip around the perimeter of the raiser ensures your chair stays on the raiser. Time tested sturdy design means its reusable, durable & safe.


Item Code Price per unit
Lazy Boy Chair Raiser 50mm MF 1/3 – 50 $443.00  GST FREE
Lazy Boy Chair Raiser 75mm MF 1/3 – 75 $443.00 GST FREE
Lazy Boy Chair Raiser 100mm MF 1/3 – 100 $443.00 GST FREE


  • Max user weight 380 kg
  • Width adjustment 485 mm – 710 mm
  • Length adjustment 530 mm – 885 mm
  • Std heights available 50, 75 ,100 & 150 mm
  • Lip around foot pad 20 mm highFoot pad size
  • 135 mm wide
  • Construction Furniture grade pine & Colour coated sheet metal
  • Finish Clear lacquer

*Special Safety features of the Lazy Boy Chair Raiser
INCREASED STABILITY: Lazy Boy Chairs have a narrow base that might cause the chair to over balance when it is raised. To ensure your safety we designed the Lazy Boy Chair Raiser with splayed feet to widen the base and increase stability.
HOLDING THE RAISER TO THE CHAIR: Lazy Boy Chairs also recline and rock back and forward. The rocking action particularly as you are getting out of your chair can cause the chair to come off a standard raiser. To ensure the Lazy Boy Raiser stays in place we have designed two clamps at the rear of the raiser to hold the raiser firmly to the chair.