what is non-slip floor treatment?

Non-slip floor treatment (tilesafe) is a blend of various chemicals which when applied to most mineral surfaces (EG. Tiles – Terrazzo – Slate – Marble – Highly Finished Concrete & even some Metals) activates a reaction that causes microscopic changes to the surface structure to create a grip/drag effect on contact with the surface. Tilesafe is not a coating and can only be worn off over the years with average usage in the home.

how does it work?

The chemicals expand the existing pores in the surface, producing microscopic undulations, which gives it a suction cap effect on contact. Once the treatment is applied you may walk on it straight away with the knowledge that you can walk on it safely while wet.

where can it be used?

Any area that is prone to slippage due to water retention. IE. Typical areas that have been treated are tiled areas like bathrooms, toilets, laundries etc.

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