door reversals

Most commonly required for a toilet or bathroom door. The door is removed and rehung to open outwards to provide safer and easier access to the bathroom or toilet.

lift off (safety) hinges

These are mainly installed for a safety issue. Once the existing hinges are removed, lift-off hinges are installed, allowing the door to be removed in case of emergency. It comes with a D pull handle on the opposite side of the door handle to help lift the door off the hinges.

sliding doors

A good option for when there is insufficient space inside or outside of a room for a swinging door. Includes pelmet and can be painted to match existing walls and trims.

concertina doors

Mostly used when swinging and sliding doors are not suitable.

doorway widening

We widen doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, shower commodes and walking frames – up to 1200mm wide openings. Timber frame or solid brick walls. Includes finishing affected areas to match existing walls.

lever door handles

We changeover door handles for clients with dexterity and range of motion limitations.

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